Top Under $100 Products to Extend WiFi Range at Home

It appears that there is quite a discrepancy between the capabilities of routers and WiFi signals and our computing needs (browsing, gaming, downloading, HD video streaming etc.). The way we use our computers has been evolving at a faster pace. For this reason, people buy the helpful devices to extend WiFi range.

It may not be easy to pick the right one, especially since these come with different features and their prices can differ considerably. To help you buy the best gadget to extend WiFi range at home, we have compiled a list based on Amazon sales and users’ reviews.

TP-LINK and Its Universal Easy to Use WiFi Gear to Extend WiFi Range

If you can afford to spend between $25 and $40 to extend WiFi range, consider the TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Wireless extender with a wall plug and Ethernet port/jack. It is easy to set up, which eliminates a great deal of stress. Moreover, it works by itself and doesn’t call for your attention, when other such devices often shut down after some time and need rebooting. It comes with smart signal indicator lights that you will easily understand.

Alternative: the TP-LINK RE200 AC750 Universal Wireless Dual Band Range Extender

Securify Almond – The Convenience of Touchscreen

Besides the simple setup, you also benefit of an intuitive touchscreen. Placed 100-150 feet away from the signal source, it will capture and rebroadcast the signal, thus being able to extend WiFi range up to 300 feet. Results are different, depending on whether you use it as a primary source for the signal or as a booster. It’s priced closer to the $100 limit, but you may want to take its good looks into consideration, as well as the complete elimination of drop-outs.


























Netgear N300 Essentials Edition – Easy Setup and Fine Speeds

When you get the NETGEAR300 just plug it into a wall outlet where you want it to be and it will boost the power of you router (extend WiFi range in your home), at the same time preserving good speeds. It is of great help when you experience loss of signal or dead zones due to distance. It will simply add an extended network name and you will be able to join devices in this newly formed network. The N300 accepts an Ethernet cable, too.

Alternative: Netgear AC750 Dual Band Gigabit

BearExtender PC USB WiFi Booster for Microsoft Windows

Extend WiFi range for a very decent price ($45-$49) – the BearExtender strengthens the signal and is able to connect to distant networks. With a 2 dBi and a 5 dBi antenna included, it is great at improving download speeds. It is not a repeater and has no compatibility with many other operating systems, but it makes a 5-star choice for Windows users.

We have presented you the top rated devices to help you improve WiFi range in your home. It is best that you further read manufacturer details concerning every product you are interested in, since each type differs from the rest in a way or another and thus may be more or less suitable to your particular situation.

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