Is Securifi’s Almond the Best Range Extender for Home WiFi on the Market?

The Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router and Range Extender is one of the best rated such products on the web. The WiFi booster can be a wireless access point but, in case you already have a router, this will work as a best range extender, too.

As a device to boost your WiFi range, it appears to be best one around. Its speed goes up to 300Mbps. First of all, it will eliminate all installation stress and then it will fix the intermittent connection issue. The device is fully secure and has all the needed initial security settings right as it comes out of the factory. It has a default no-map tag that prevents Google from recording it in its Location Tracking Database.

The WiFi Best Range Extender Uses and Compatibility

This multi-purpose device has no built-in DSL modem, but it can surely be used as a primary router and it can also extend the WiFi range considerably. Furthermore, it can be employed as a wireless bridge. The compatibility is also widely praised: this best range extender works in a mode that is compatible to any existing router – it can be a Belkin, a Netgear or Linksys and so on. Also, it is compatible with Windows OS, Linux, Mac, Android, Xbox, iPad and iPhone.



The Securifi Best Range Extender and Its Revolutionary Features


The first feature to be remarked about this WiFi booster and router is its touchscreen. This takes its practicality to a whole new level. It is the first device of this kind to benefit of touchscreen technology. As most customers have reported, the setup process is reduced to the short time span of 3 minutes. The Touchscreen Wizard is extremely intuitive and helpful and manages to make the setup easy for any kind of user.

The looks of this device represent a huge step forward, too. Securifi Inc. managed to create a router that no one is going to be ashamed of. Routers used to be tacky devices with no esthetic appeal whatsoever, which made their owners try their best to hide or camouflage them. This is no longer necessary – this extended WiFi range device will make you proud for owning it.  It’s got a sleek and compact design, an elegant black finish and an attractive touchscreen. This best range extender weighs 11.2 ounces and its dimensions are of 1.9 x 4.8 x 4.3 inches.


Securifi’s Almond is the best range extender and is superior to any similar product currently on the market. Through it you will experience a rock-solid connection which will enhance your viewing experience – for example when it comes to HD video playing. It will do a great job in extending and strengthening the signal. If your router is located in another room or on another floor and you can’t get a proper connection from any location in the house, then this will do a great job in enhancing this for you. Also, if you will ever be in need of customer support, know that Securifi will not let you down with this. As for its costs, most vendors price it around $90, with used versions starting at $70.


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