How to Find the Best WiFi Routers for a Better WiFi Range

Does your home or office WiFi signal drip or never has full strength? If your connection has interruptions, if streamed videos don’t work seamlessly and downloads are troublesome, you could be in dire need of a better router.

To know the best WiFi routers and make your choice for an improved WiFi range, you should consult the following buying guide. This would help you extend WiFi range easily.


The Key Features of the Best WiFi Routers

Wireless – This means flexibility. It will no longer require you to plug in any device.

The wireless range – Here we take things to the next level. Your device doesn’t only have to be wireless, but it must have a good WiFi range. It should have one antenna or more. Also, it must have as few interference’s as possible. Wireless AC routers are the best WiFi routers, while the next as WiFi range are the Wireless N routers. Their opposite is wireless G, which is better avoided.

Speed – Here, things look very clear: AC is 3 times faster than N, while N is 14 times faster than G. The AC type is recommended especially if you are using applications real-time, like playing games or streaming video content. Today, you will find the best WiFi routers in the Wireless AC category, where the maximum speed reaches 3200 Mbps.

Dual-band connectivity – Single-band modems operate on only one frequency. This is sufficient for web surfing, but as you try more demanding content like videos, you’re in trouble. This is not about the WiFi range, but about the used frequencies and the elimination of interference. The best WiFi routers are surely the ones with dual-band connectivity.

MIMO technology – It stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output and it refers to the data transfer rate allowance. MIMO means superior data transfer, regardless of your WiFi range. The best WiFi routers out there benefit of the more advanced beam-forming technology in addition (WiFi signal is aimed directly at your devices).

QoS traffic control – Routers with quality of service traffic controls can make the difference between the different ways of using the connection (for gaming, browsing, streaming, skyping etc.) and select the application that needs a higher priority.

To pick the most compatible one out of the best WiFi routers, you need to be honest about your needs. Some users are in real need of a high-end device to help them improve their coverage, others are fine with a lot less. If all you’re aiming for is a wireless network, the cheapest models will do well (think under $100). However, some of the best WiFi routers come with added functionality: USB connections for printing and sharing, various controls, security etc. some have the ability to extend WiFi range by acting like range boosters.

There is no unique solution if you are looking to get one such device. Once you have matched your needs and user style with the right set of features and abilities, you will be connecting to the web without a hitch and carry out your Internet activities unhindered.

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