How to Find the Best WiFi Routers for a Better WiFi Range

Does your home or office WiFi signal drip or never has full strength? If your connection has interruptions, if streamed videos don’t work seamlessly and downloads are troublesome, you could be in dire need of a better router.

To know the best WiFi routers and make your choice for an improved WiFi range, you should consult the following buying guide. This would help you extend WiFi range easily.


The Key Features of the Best WiFi Routers

Wireless – This means flexibility. It will no longer require you to plug in any device.

The wireless range – Here we take things to the next level. Your device doesn’t only have to be wireless, but it must have a good WiFi range. It should have one antenna or more. Also, it must have as few interference’s as possible. Wireless AC routers are the best WiFi routers, while the next as WiFi range are the Wireless N routers. Their opposite is wireless G, which is better avoided.

Speed – Here, things look very clear: AC is 3 times faster than N, while N is 14 times faster than G. The AC type is recommended especially if you are using applications real-time, like playing games or streaming video content. Today, you will find the best WiFi routers in the Wireless AC category, where the maximum speed reaches 3200 Mbps.

Dual-band connectivity – Single-band modems operate on only one frequency. This is sufficient for web surfing, but as you try more demanding content like videos, you’re in trouble. This is not about the WiFi range, but about the used frequencies and the elimination of interference. The best WiFi routers are surely the ones with dual-band connectivity.

MIMO technology – It stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output and it refers to the data transfer rate allowance. MIMO means superior data transfer, regardless of your WiFi range. The best WiFi routers out there benefit of the more advanced beam-forming technology in addition (WiFi signal is aimed directly at your devices).

QoS traffic control – Routers with quality of service traffic controls can make the difference between the different ways of using the connection (for gaming, browsing, streaming, skyping etc.) and select the application that needs a higher priority.

To pick the most compatible one out of the best WiFi routers, you need to be honest about your needs. Some users are in real need of a high-end device to help them improve their coverage, others are fine with a lot less. If all you’re aiming for is a wireless network, the cheapest models will do well (think under $100). However, some of the best WiFi routers come with added functionality: USB connections for printing and sharing, various controls, security etc. some have the ability to extend WiFi range by acting like range boosters.

There is no unique solution if you are looking to get one such device. Once you have matched your needs and user style with the right set of features and abilities, you will be connecting to the web without a hitch and carry out your Internet activities unhindered.

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Improving the Range: How to Choose the Best WiFi Booster

Extending your wireless connection range through an extra device will prevent your Internet signal from fading out. The best WiFi booster extends the network substantially by capturing existing signal and rebroadcasting it to a larger area.

If you wish to select the best WiFi booster for your home and your specific needs,. You must pay attention to specific features, parameters and functions.

Coverage Extension

The number one concern for most customer is the wireless coverage extension, besides the quality of the signal. The best WiFi booster is expected to double the range of your router. The more it can handle, the better of a job it will do in extending the range/ maintaining the signal where you need it.

The Hawking HW2R1 extender is said to have the broadest range: up to 450 feet of WiFi signal. Belkin Dual-Band is almost as good, with a range of 300 feet.


Better WiFi speed leads to a series of advantages, such as seamless multimedia streaming. The best models currently on the market can reach up to 300Mbps. You have to pay attention to this parameter because it’s important to have your whole house covered at top speed.

The Setup

An easy setup is a decisive factor when choosing the best WiFi booster. The easier it is to install, configure and start, the better for the largest part of customers. The process is quick and automatic with models like Almond from Securifi.



Compatibility needs to be ensured at a very practical level. Get a device that works with your computer or mobile device and also with your operating system (Windows, Linux, Android etc.). Also, ensure compatibility with the router brand that you own. Manufacturers usually list all the compatibilities in the description of their product.

The 2 in 1 Devices

The best WiFi booster is definitely a ‘2 in 1’, if you can handle the higher price. What we mean by 2 in 1 is that it’s an extender but can work also as a standalone access point. You will be able to use it according to your needs and to the strength of the existing wireless connection. ZyXEL WAP 3205 wireless N is one such dual-function device, like the Dual-Band F9K1106 from Belkin.

Indicators (Lights or Other)

Indicators matter because you will be informed at all times about the signal strength, the efficiency and so on. Indicator lights are simple and useful, but you may also get a more advanced device, like one with a touchscreen. 

The Limiting of Power Consumption and Radiation

Some of the best WiFi booster types have On/Off options, wireless scheduling function or an automated Off mode when not in use. This is for saving energy but also for reducing the radiation.

You may also want to choose your best WiFi booster based on design, number of ports and so on. There is no fixed recipe when looking to buy the top product of this kind. You may not need the greatest range extension, therefore in such case it makes no sense to pay all that extra money. Choose wisely and be honest about your expectations.

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Top Under $100 Products to Extend WiFi Range at Home

It appears that there is quite a discrepancy between the capabilities of routers and WiFi signals and our computing needs (browsing, gaming, downloading, HD video streaming etc.). The way we use our computers has been evolving at a faster pace. For this reason, people buy the helpful devices to extend WiFi range.

It may not be easy to pick the right one, especially since these come with different features and their prices can differ considerably. To help you buy the best gadget to extend WiFi range at home, we have compiled a list based on Amazon sales and users’ reviews.

TP-LINK and Its Universal Easy to Use WiFi Gear to Extend WiFi Range

If you can afford to spend between $25 and $40 to extend WiFi range, consider the TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Wireless extender with a wall plug and Ethernet port/jack. It is easy to set up, which eliminates a great deal of stress. Moreover, it works by itself and doesn’t call for your attention, when other such devices often shut down after some time and need rebooting. It comes with smart signal indicator lights that you will easily understand.

Alternative: the TP-LINK RE200 AC750 Universal Wireless Dual Band Range Extender

Securify Almond – The Convenience of Touchscreen

Besides the simple setup, you also benefit of an intuitive touchscreen. Placed 100-150 feet away from the signal source, it will capture and rebroadcast the signal, thus being able to extend WiFi range up to 300 feet. Results are different, depending on whether you use it as a primary source for the signal or as a booster. It’s priced closer to the $100 limit, but you may want to take its good looks into consideration, as well as the complete elimination of drop-outs.


























Netgear N300 Essentials Edition – Easy Setup and Fine Speeds

When you get the NETGEAR300 just plug it into a wall outlet where you want it to be and it will boost the power of you router (extend WiFi range in your home), at the same time preserving good speeds. It is of great help when you experience loss of signal or dead zones due to distance. It will simply add an extended network name and you will be able to join devices in this newly formed network. The N300 accepts an Ethernet cable, too.

Alternative: Netgear AC750 Dual Band Gigabit

BearExtender PC USB WiFi Booster for Microsoft Windows

Extend WiFi range for a very decent price ($45-$49) – the BearExtender strengthens the signal and is able to connect to distant networks. With a 2 dBi and a 5 dBi antenna included, it is great at improving download speeds. It is not a repeater and has no compatibility with many other operating systems, but it makes a 5-star choice for Windows users.

We have presented you the top rated devices to help you improve WiFi range in your home. It is best that you further read manufacturer details concerning every product you are interested in, since each type differs from the rest in a way or another and thus may be more or less suitable to your particular situation.

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Is Securifi’s Almond the Best Range Extender for Home WiFi on the Market?

The Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router and Range Extender is one of the best rated such products on the web. The WiFi booster can be a wireless access point but, in case you already have a router, this will work as a best range extender, too.

As a device to boost your WiFi range, it appears to be best one around. Its speed goes up to 300Mbps. First of all, it will eliminate all installation stress and then it will fix the intermittent connection issue. The device is fully secure and has all the needed initial security settings right as it comes out of the factory. It has a default no-map tag that prevents Google from recording it in its Location Tracking Database.

The WiFi Best Range Extender Uses and Compatibility

This multi-purpose device has no built-in DSL modem, but it can surely be used as a primary router and it can also extend the WiFi range considerably. Furthermore, it can be employed as a wireless bridge. The compatibility is also widely praised: this best range extender works in a mode that is compatible to any existing router – it can be a Belkin, a Netgear or Linksys and so on. Also, it is compatible with Windows OS, Linux, Mac, Android, Xbox, iPad and iPhone.



The Securifi Best Range Extender and Its Revolutionary Features


The first feature to be remarked about this WiFi booster and router is its touchscreen. This takes its practicality to a whole new level. It is the first device of this kind to benefit of touchscreen technology. As most customers have reported, the setup process is reduced to the short time span of 3 minutes. The Touchscreen Wizard is extremely intuitive and helpful and manages to make the setup easy for any kind of user.

The looks of this device represent a huge step forward, too. Securifi Inc. managed to create a router that no one is going to be ashamed of. Routers used to be tacky devices with no esthetic appeal whatsoever, which made their owners try their best to hide or camouflage them. This is no longer necessary – this extended WiFi range device will make you proud for owning it.  It’s got a sleek and compact design, an elegant black finish and an attractive touchscreen. This best range extender weighs 11.2 ounces and its dimensions are of 1.9 x 4.8 x 4.3 inches.


Securifi’s Almond is the best range extender and is superior to any similar product currently on the market. Through it you will experience a rock-solid connection which will enhance your viewing experience – for example when it comes to HD video playing. It will do a great job in extending and strengthening the signal. If your router is located in another room or on another floor and you can’t get a proper connection from any location in the house, then this will do a great job in enhancing this for you. Also, if you will ever be in need of customer support, know that Securifi will not let you down with this. As for its costs, most vendors price it around $90, with used versions starting at $70.


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WiFi Extender Reviews: Which One Is The Best Range Extender?

The WiFi extender reviews can help you find the right solution to your home WiFi connectivity problems. If you experience drops in signal, bad or interrupted video streaming and so on, your router is probably not doing its job well.

The best range extender can be chosen based on how stable the created connection is and how much of a good job it does when boosting the signal (how far it goes). Several manufacturers have detached themselves as worthy competitors on the market, judging based on the existing ratings. The WiFi extender reviews reveal much about how these top devices work, their revolutionary features, uses and compatibility.

The BearExtender PC USB WiFi According to WiFi Extender Reviews

The WiFi extender reviews talk positively about BearExtender PC USB WiFi Booster and Range Extender. This device is made to work with Microsoft Windows and is able to augment the WiFi range up to 5 times. It is capable of seeing many networks around, on a very wide area, and connect to them. The included antenna promotes faster download speeds and improves the signal considerably. With hundreds, of positive WiFi extender reviews, this gadget is one of the top offerings on the market.

TBS 2087 Universal 300Mbps Wireless 802.11/n/g/b AP

The TBS 2087 Universal 300Mbps Wireless 802.11/n/g/b AP is recommended by 5-star WiFi extender reviews from customers around the world. It is a mini signal travel router that works as a booster too, and it’s suitable not only to home use, but also to business and office use. This combined network connection device doesn’t need to be plugged into the router. It will strengthen a weak WiFi signal and make the connection stable. It has no antenna, so its performance will largely depend on your specific circumstances.


Belkin N300

If we are to pay attention to even more enthusiastic WiFi extender reviews, we find the Belkin N300, a compact range extender that can be wall-mounted. With features like Ethernet connection and WEP security, 2 antennae and a range of about 5,000 square feet, this device gives you a string and stable connection anywhere in your home. Dead spots are eliminated. It is a booster that works with any router brand and can be easily installed. Get it running in only a few minutes – it can be programed even from a smartphone.

Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender WN3000R

The affordable Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender WN3000RP is another appropriate choice and means good value. Over a thousand customer WiFi extender reviews recommend it as a universally compatible device and connects automatically to routers. It may not be as appealing as its competitors, but it extends coverage efficiently with any available network, which is a great plus. Note that it needs rebooting after 3-4 hours. The fact that it can disconnect like this has put off customers who were unaware of it.

In general, reviews can help you identify the best range boosters, but their performance will still depend on your expectations and at times on your network or surroundings even.

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